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Virtual School Partnerships

A digital solution for school partnerships.

The Virtual School Partnerships programme is an all-in-one solution for schools to establish meaningful partnerships online. We provide the platform and dedicated group space to manage all school-to-school communications, projects, partner school meetings (Zoom integration), pedagogy exchanges and more!

With a network of schools and government links in over 100 countries worldwide, schools can apply for a partner school anywhere in the world. We will match you based on your school profile, vision and aims for the partnership.

This inclusive programme is accessible to the whole school, but we recommend assigning a group leader (typically the international coordinator) to coordinate with the partner school. For 12 months you will be assigned a School Account Manager who will support with all group calls, communications and enquiries. If required, this service can be renewed annually.

Applications are now open for 2022/23.

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Partner School

We will source your partner school in your desired location through our international links and foreign partners.

Platform Group

A dedicated group space makes it easy for schools to manage partner school communications, projects, meetings and more.

Support Service

Includes a 12-month support package with a dedicated School Account Manager.

Project Templates

With our resources and ideas, we will support you to run meaningful joint projects with your partner school.

Schools on the programme

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