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Celebrate Diversity

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Raise Funds

Raise Cultural Awareness

Hosting international students can play a crucial role in fostering diversity and raising awareness in monocultural schools with limited exposure to different cultures.

By welcoming students from around the world, schools create a melting pot of ideas, beliefs, and customs within their classrooms. This exposure not only broadens horizons for the local students, but also creates an environment of cultural appreciation and understanding.

Through daily interactions, exchanges of traditions, and shared experiences, international students bring a unique perspective that challenges stereotypes, breaks down barriers, and promotes empathy. Hosting international students thus becomes a powerful tool for schools to celebrate diversity, cultivate global citizenship, and create inclusive learning environments.

Improve Language Learning

Immersing local students in a multicultural environment provides them with authentic opportunities to practice and develop their language skills.

Interacting with international students who are fluent in different languages encourages communication and fosters language acquisition naturally. Through daily conversations, collaborative projects, and cultural exchanges, students are motivated to improve their language abilities in order to effectively communicate and build meaningful connections.

Moreover, hosting international students exposes local students to diverse linguistic nuances, accents, and idiomatic expressions, broadening their understanding of language and promoting a global mindset. Ultimately, this integration enhances language learning outcomes and prepares students to navigate an increasingly interconnected world.

Opportunity to Raise Funds

Hosting international students provides schools with a valuable opportunity to raise funds and develop their international work. The Global School Alliance offers a fee for hosting international students, allowing schools to generate income that can be invested towards further international initiatives.

This funding can support the development of partnerships, exchanges, cultural events, and more! By hosting international students, schools can create a vibrant and diverse learning environment that fosters cross-cultural understanding and global citizenship.

This not only enriches the educational experience for all students but also positions the school as an attractive destination for future international collaborations and partnerships. Hosting international students is thus a win-win situation, benefiting both the school and its broader international goals.

“It is a privilege to welcome and host the pupils from China. We hope that they have a wonderful stay and enjoy the experience. Our pupils were overwhelmed by the support and kindness offered to them when they went to China and we hope we can provide the same and that they go back with some wonderful stories and memories.”

Antony HughesChief Executive, The Harmony Trust

"Can we thank everyone who has given us this opportunity. It has been an a pleasure hosting and feel it has been a valuable educational experience for all involved."

Dovedale Primary School

"This has been an amazing educational experience for all the children and staff. It has been lovely to see our pupils and the pupils from China enjoyed each other's company and learning about their lives. Cultural and language barriers have been broken down and the partnership strengthened through this fantastic visit."

Burton-on-the-Wolds Primary School

About the programme

Our hosting programme offers the opportunity for schools to become UK ambassadors by hosting international students and teachers. Your school can provide an amazing immersive education experience that benefits the entire school community. The programme is perfect for schools with very poor diversity looking to raise cultural awareness.

During the exchange, international students will be immersed in their host school by taking part in regular curriculum classes and extra-curricular activities with UK students. This integration will enable students to form bonds and collaborate on projects, ensuring that the exchange has a positive impact on both international and host students. Teachers will share methodologies and educational practices to help both school’s development.

The programme is fully funded to cover the expenses of the school which could be used to fund other international activities.

*Currently the hosting programme is only open to UK schools.

When can we host a group?

Groups of 20-30 students with 3-4 staff come from China to the UK in October, January/February and June/July each year

What support do the GSA provide?

We work with the host school to plan an itinerary and share ideas for activities and lessons to make sure you are fully prepared for hosting a group.

What countries are included?

At the moment the hosting programme is only open to UK schools. Outside of the partnership programmes, we can offer schools the opportunity to host students from China and Peru and more countries coming soon!

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