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An international coordinator oversees the school’s international work and identifies opportunities to develop global dimensions.

You should
  • Develop and manage a policy and action plan for the provision of opportunities to develop cultural capital and skills for pupils.
  • Promote the school’s international work throughout the school, wider community and local community.
  • Audit the current curriculum and identify opportunities to develop international dimensions.
  • Celebrate international events and cultural heritage through assemblies, international days, enrichment activities, school trips etc.

Building cultural capital is essential to developing well-rounded students who are prepared for the world of tomorrow.

You should
  • Develop key skills, knowledge and values to raise cultural awareness and break down any misconceptions or cultural barriers.
  • Enhance the experiences and opportunities available to all students to develop their cultural capital.
  • Embed the Cultural Capital within the framework of the learning.
  • Support cultural capital in SMSC development.
  • Foster an ethos promoting cultural diversity.

Establishing international links with a school in another country opens new opportunities for students to connect with peers and learn about different cultures.

You should
  • Develop a long-term relationship with an international school.
  • Deliver peer-to-peer interaction sessions and provide regular enrichment activities to learn about the partner school.
  • Deliver collaborative curriculum-based work with the partner school.
  • Continuous professional development to exchange pedagogy.
  • Visit the partner school for students to experience a new culture.

Continuous professional development opportunities are vital for teachers to understand how to address global issues and support global citizenship in school.

You should
  • Explore international approaches to teaching and pedagogy.
  • Collaborate with international colleagues to share new ideas and techniques.
  • Take part in regular training courses and programmes to understand global citizenship.
  • Equip staff with the skills to internationalise the curriculum.
  • Support the international coordinator with the tools and resources to embed global dimensions.
The Framework to Become An

Award-Winning Global School

The Global School Awards celebrate your school’s globalisation activities, initiatives and interactions. This assessment tool will show you what level your current provision is at, the areas you are excelling in and the areas that require improvement.

The award programme and criteria provides a framework for the future development of global education in your school as it becomes central to its ethos.  As your journey continues, you will be supported with expert advice, resources, programmes and partnerships to improve student transformations and provide insights and direction on how to improve.

The awards are perfect for International Coordinators to build cultural capital, become a centre of excellence and form the basis of your school’s globalisation development plans.

Take the Self-Assessment

It’s helped me as Global Mindedness Lead to write a development plan and see further opportunities for improvement. Aspects of the criteria have informed my development plan and given us a ‘road-map’ as a school.

Caroline LopezEAL Coordinator, Meoncross School

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Can any school become an award-winning school?

Yes, any school can apply to become an award-winning school. The recognition will be determined by the evidence submitted.

What will I get for becoming an award-winning school?

Award-winning schools will be recognised with a certificate and badge to display on the school website.

Can I access support for achieving awards?

Yes, you can get in touch to access our support packages.

What is the aim of the Global School Alliance?

The Global School Alliance aims to unite passionate educationalists from around the world under the common goal of providing global learning for students.

How do I join the Global School Alliance?

Schools, teachers and educators from around the world can join the Global School Alliance here.