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Sister School Partnerships

In today’s interconnected and globalised world, students must develop the key skills, knowledge and values to succeed in modern global society and become globally aware citizens. Establishing international links with a school in another country will introduce students to like-minded peers in diverse and multi-lingual environments, ultimately deepening their understanding of different perspectives, cultures, traditions, lifestyles and global issues.

Schools can establish long-term, meaningful partnerships to broaden their students’ aspirations, build international networks and access to new approaches to teaching and learning

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About the programme

The Sister School Partnerships programme is a long-term relationship between two partner schools, consisting of immersive bilateral student exchanges, leadership delegations and teacher training trips, meaningful joint projects, online collaborations and curriculum enrichment.

To initiate a partnership, school leaders typically will join a delegation to visit the partner school and meet the leadership team, sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and conduct a pre-trip check for future student visits. Delegates will attend an education forum to learn about the local culture and education system by meeting with education officials and other school leaders.

All schools on the programme will be set up on the Global School Alliance platform to aid communications and collaborations with support from a dedicated account manager.

"This is one of the most exciting things I have been involved in since entering the teaching profession. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help our students understand and prepare for the global opportunities that await them after they have finished their education.”

Mrs Cath GreenPrincipal at Ellesmere Port C of E College

Getting Started


Apply for a Sister School Partnership

After registering your interest in the programme, a member of the team will be in touch to request more information, arrange a call and share a school profile form to complete. Once we have understood your vision and aims, we will start to source your partner school using government and school links. The fee for joining the programme covers the cost of the leadership delegation and is reimbursed when students visit the sister school.

Establish online connections

Once the partnership has been established, both schools will be assigned a designated School Account Manager and set up with a dedicated group on the Global School Alliance platform. Here you can manage school-to-school communications, projects, meetings and more.

Visit partner school

Senior leaders will then visit the partner school to learn about the local education system, discuss the long-term aims of the partnership, sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and conduct a pre-trip check for future student visits.

Organise student exchange trips

To bring the partnership to life, sister schools will begin to plan their student exchange trips for pupils to visit their peers and become immersed in a new culture. Schools on the programme can apply for funding for future trips and teacher cpd.

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Sister School Partnership

Sister School FAQ

What is a Sister School?

A Sister School, also referred to as a twin school, is paired with another school to introduce an international curriculum and cultural exchange program to their students.

What are the benefits of a Sister School Partnership?

  • Provides life-changing, immersive experiences
  • Offers trips that will inspire, equip and support them to succeed in life and learning.
  • Gives students pride in their own culture by being ambassadors of the school and the country
  • Increases personal awareness and confidence
  • Raises cultural awareness and highlights diversity and similarities in lives around the world
  • Increases understanding of how interdependent countries and peoples are, both globally and locally
  • Gives exposure to varied opportunities that enable focus and clarity on their future potential
  • Results in life-long friendships.

Can I have more than one Sister School?

Yes, you can apply for more than one sister school following the same application process.

How will the GSA support the partnership?

All schools on the programme will be assigned a designated School Account Manager who will be the point of contact for your school. You will also have a dedicated space on the GSA platform where the team will support you with planning projects and managing communications.

What country can my school partner with?

We work with schools in 122 countries worldwide, so if we don’t already have a link in your desired country, we can start to establish those links.

Is there a cost for joining the programme?

There is an initial cost for setting up the partnership and funding the leadership delegation, but this will be fully reimbursed when students travel.

Is this programme accessible to all of my students?

Yes, the entire school can get involved and connect with peers at that Sister School.

How long does it take to initiate a partnership?

This varies depending on the region you are partnering with, government involvement and when you can visit the partner school. The partnership can be established within 3 months, and a leadership delegation is usually scheduled between 6-12 months later.