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Global School Transformation

Strengthening a school’s global dimensions requires time and investment in professional development for teachers and opportunities for cultural exchange for students. That’s why we are investing £300,000 into transforming 100 schools (as part of the 100 Schools Challenge) and are taking applications from October 2022.

With the launch of the Global Education Fund, we have pledged to invest £10,000,000 over the next 10 years in transforming global education. The funding will be delivered through the “Global School Transformation” programme that will be formally launched worldwide in January 2023.

The Global School Transformation programme combines digital products and fully-immersive experiences to broaden horizons, establish global partnerships and engage in international exchanges anywhere in the world.

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What's included?

Global School Transformation programme

  • Personalised school audit and plan.
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Celebration packs
  • Virtual School Partnership (1+1)
  • Sister School Leadership Delegation
  • 1 Sponsored Student Exchange place
  • International Coordinator training and accreditation
  • International Coordinator / MFL mentoring and mastermind/support group
  • Student Exchange launch
  • Hosting support

All for £3000 (Worth over £7000).

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How does it work?

Global Education Fund


Register your interest

For the first cohort we have just 100 school places available, so register your interest to find out more and speak to our School Development Manager.

Secure your place

The cost to join the programme is £3000 and is fully reimbursed when the student exchange trip is booked for more then 20 students. A deposit of £500 will secure your place until the remaining balance is due. Some schools may be eligible for a payment plan so please get in touch to find out more.

Launch the Global School Transformation programme!

What are the benefits?

Whole school benefits

  • Demonstrates your commitment to global education (Gold Accreditation).
  • Inclusive programme with authentic learning experiences for the whole school.
  • Increase outputs for global dimensions, global citizenship, Cultural capital, SMSC.
  • Increase MFL uptake at GCSE and Alevel (for UK schools hit your Ebacc Targets).
  • Increased MFL results, getting better academic results.
  • Improving school performance from staff to student, increasing inspiration, aspiration and motivation for all things languages and culture.
  • Whole school curriculum – integrate the programme across the curriculum to cover important topics, raise awareness and improve understanding.

Student benefits

  • Improves employability – demonstrates their global citizenship skills and knowledge to prepare them for the world of tomorrow.
  • Supports university application – candidates will have the key knowledge and experience to support a strong personal statement that will stand out from the rest.
  • Supports personal development – extracurricular activities and opportunities will equip learners with the understanding of cultural differences, global topics, and cultural diversity whilst developing their character and resilience.
  • Develops digital skills – pupils will be confident using digital tools and resources that will improve their future prospects.

Staff benefits

  • 27/4 support – teachers don’t need to worry about the complications of connecting with overseas colleagues, hosting overseas guests, arranging trips abroad, and delivering global dimensions – we will support in every aspect of the programme.
  • Increased leadership skills – enable your staff to take on rewarding roles of becoming a globally-minded educators with the opportunity to be qualified.
  • Qualification for International Coordinator – get recognised for the work and training you’re doing to establish global connections for your students.
  • Professional development – learn about new teaching methods, increase your skills and experience, and demonstrate your commitment to global education.
  • Motivate and empower staff – an exciting project to inspire colleagues, develop a passion for global education and proudly share the developments with the whole school community.
  • Establish a global support network – learn from colleagues worldwide, exchange pedagogy and refer back to colleagues to improve the curriculum and learning outcomes.

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