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There are two separate councils designed for age appropriate activities.  

GSA Primary Student Council  – Zoom meetings only, accompanied by their teachers 

GSA Secondary Student Council – Zoom meetings & access to secure group on GSA platform 

  • Develop leadership skills through active participation in student-led initiatives
  • Collaborate with students from diverse cultural backgrounds, fostering global citizenship
  • Enhance public speaking and presentation skills
  • Be part of a team and share opinions, perspectives and ideas with a global audience
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and agency in addressing social and global issues
  • Contribute to discussions and ensure student voices are heard and valued
  • Develop a sense of empathy, understanding and appreciation for diverse perspectives and experiences through meaningful dialogue and collaboration

Primary Student Council

Members of the Global School Alliance are invited to sign up for their students to join the new GSA PRIMARY Student Council. This is intended for students who are in infant or junior schools – and no older than 11 years of age. 

The purpose of the GSA Primary School Council is to allow primary students the opportunity to meet each other to discuss global topics of interest, collaborate on joint projects and celebrate special events. 

Primary Student Council meetings will take place at 8.30 UK time and last 60 minutes. The structure of the meetings will be determined by the Student Council President and their committee. A maximum of ten students per school may attend Student Council Zoom meetings accompanied by a teacher. Generally topics will be posted before the meetings to allow members so do some research and preparation. The Student Council welcomes comments and suggestions from members. 

Read safeguarding, code of conduct and constitution guidelines:

Sabina Turcan, President of the Student Council

I aspire to prove my competence in overtaking the position of the GSA President. I encourage strategic thinking, innovation, and action. Our primary goal as a Council should be to contribute towards constructing a glittering future for our community. I truly believe that acquiring the opportunity to take on this position will open my wings to help unite our forces in order to make a change in our society.

Secondary Student Council

Secondary members of the Global School Alliance are invited to sign up their students to join the new GSA Secondary Student Council. This is intended for students who are at secondary school – so 11 years old upwards. Secondary students can be registered to use a specially protected group on the GSA platform where they can collaborate together on projects and take part in termly GSA Student Council Conferences.   

What the Secondary School Council is set up to do.

The President is Sabina, a high school student at Heritage International School Moldova.

She is looking for students in schools around the world to join her in:

  • Establishing the GSA Secondary Student Council.
  • Recruiting new members for the GSA Secondary Student Council.
  • Bringing secondary students from different countries and cultures to work as a team!
  • Publishing articles and discussions.
  • Taking part in termly GSA Student Council Conferences.
  • Devising and leading Global School Alliance student projects.
  • Setting up elections to recruit a new president and council in 2024.

Help to shape GSA student awareness of the necessary skills to thrive in the 21st  century.

How to enrol your secondary students into the GSA Student Council Group

Please complete the form below to register your interest.

Then we will ask you to send us the students’ first and second names (only their first names will be displayed online). There should be no more than 20 names per school. If you include their nationality we can also display their national flag on the website. 

What can Secondary Students do on the GSA Student Council Group?

Secondary students may be enrolled to participate within a special group that has been set up on the Global School Alliance platform. This is a controlled area in which ONLY students and teachers (from their schools) may interact. 

Secondary students cannot message or contribute to other groups within the Global School Alliance platform other than their own.

Within the Secondary Student Council Group – student members can:

  • take part in discussions
  • upload photos or videos within albums
  • upload or download documents
  • send and receive messages from other secondary student council members.

Student members can choose to block messages from other members if they want to – and advise their teachers if they need any support or assistance. Students can also ‘Report’ discussion posts if they think they are inappropriate.


Teachers should regularly log on to the student council group to monitor the behaviour of their students and report any inappropriate conduct to GSA staff. They can choose to be advised of any new posts to the group. 

Students who behave inappropriately may be temporarily or permanently removed from the GSA community if necessary. 

Students and teachers are subject the GSA ‘Code of Conduct’, ‘Safeguarding Policy’ & ‘Photography & Video’ policy. Copies of these policies are available on the GSA website and platform. 

Illegal acts or offences of any kind will be reported to the appropriate authorities as well as the police. 

Read our safeguarding policies:

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