June 2023 - The Ellesmere Port C of E College embark on student exchange trip to Hong Kong 🇭🇰

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We’re so pleased to see our programmes getting recognition from Ofsted!

Following their latest inspection, The Ellesmere Port Church of England College has been praised for their international work and upcoming visit to Hong Kong that we are delivering.

June 2023 - Holme Grange School establish partnership with Tsuda Gakuen 🇭🇰

Laurissa Field, International Coordinator at Holme Grange School said:

Following our introductory meeting with the representatives of Tsuda Gakuen, we at Holme Grange School are very excited to solidify and begin our Sister School Partnership journey. We are particularly honoured to pursue our relationship with the flagship GSA school in Japan and cannot wait to begin communicating and creating our projects.

Choosing our location was difficult: we knew we wanted our students to travel East to experience a culture that balances and celebrates modernity with tradition within both their education systems and their culture as a whole. When the GSA suggested Japan, we knew that was where we wanted to connect with a partner school. As a culture who show devotion to a holistic mode of education, creating well-rounded students both academically and personally, we knew we shared many common values.

We are keen to develop our students’ cross-cultural communication and language skills, increasingly crucial skills in our interconnected world. We feel interacting with others their age around the world is vital to this development, and providing the students with means to maintain meaningful connections, and to do this live, is a wonderful opportunity.

We also aim to increase their appreciation and respect of diversity through interactions with a culture they may not have experienced before. We hope to broaden their perspectives, and for they themselves to discover similarities and differences in the daily experiences of our two cultures. Experiential learning is key for our students to become active and competent global citizens.

We look forward to developing a long lasting and mutually beneficial Sister School Partnership!

June 2023 - Pupils at Warboys Primary Academy find new confidence after their student exchange trip to Madrid 🇪🇸

June 2023 - Arcángel International School reflect on 'life-changing' hosting experience 🇪🇸

May 2023 - Burton-on-the-Wolds Primary School reconnect with Longquan Primary School, China 🇨🇳

The friendship agreement between the two schools was initially established in 2015 when the then Headteacher Mr. Robinson visited Longquan Primary School.

On 14 June, Chen Xia, the principal of Longquan Primary School, and Ms Claire, the new principal of Burton Primary School, met in the recording room via video link, opening a new chapter in the interaction and exchange between Sino-British friendly schools.

Both principals discussed their future plans for this exciting partnership. Using the Global School Alliance platform, the students will connect and take part in joint projects with a particular focus on mathematics and art. The teachers will also record one another’s lessons to observe how teaching and learning differs in both classrooms.

May 2023 - Warboys Primary Academy Trip to Madrid 🇪🇸

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April 2023 - Sandymoor Ormiston Academy Trip to Madrid 🇪🇸