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Life-changing student trips

The Global School Alliance can organise every aspect of your school trip to help you deliver a life-changing, unforgettable experience for your students. With partners and suppliers all over the world, we can create a bespoke immersive education experience itinerary for your students.

Our student exchange trips are designed to prepare students for the culture of tomorrow by helping them develop the social, moral, spiritual and cultural strengths that will enable them to succeed in the wider world.

Unlike a traditional school trip, our fully-immersive student exchange visit will enable your pupils to experience first-hand what it’s like to go to a school (a partner school) with a very different culture, lifestyle and curriculum. These life-changing experiences encourage personal development and teach valuable life skills such as leadership, maturity and independence. Students will also have the opportunity to learn languages and practice in an authentic context with native speakers.

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What’s included in an exchange visit?

  • Generally 8-14 days (depending on age and destination).
  • An immersive experience with peers to learn about culture, education system, language and more.
  • In-school immersion: 3-4 days within a partner school to engage with peers, go to classes, do exciting authentic activities together to learn more about each other and what it’s like to go to school in that country. Typically take part in sports and traditional arts and crafts sessions. The visitors are welcomed with a welcome assembly and leaving assembly/presentations.
  • Sightseeing and exploring the local area: eat at local restaurants, visit local landmarks,
  • We have partners on the ground for itinerary delivery – accommodation, internal transfers, food and sightseeing, and liaise with the partner school for hosting days’ itineraries.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides life-changing, immersive experiences
  • Trips inspire, equip and support students to succeed in life and learning
  • Gives students pride in their own culture by being ambassadors of the school and country
  • Brings subjects to life and increases motivations
  • Increases personal awareness and confidence
  • Raises cultural awareness and highlights diversity
  • Broadens horizons and increases employability
  • Promotes cultural understanding
  • Encourages empathy and compassion
  • Increases understanding of how interdependent countries and peoples live
  • Exposure to varied opportunities that enable focus and clarity on their future potential.

"It’s amazing how it enriches experiences of the learning journey that your students go on. It’s much more than academic, it changes their mindset and outlook on life It opens up future career paths for them."

Mrs Julie SutcliffeSpanish Teacher at Sandymoor Ormiston Academy

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