Welcome to the Global School Alliance

Your global learning journey starts here!

We’re pleased to have you join us in what is becoming an extraordinary community of educational settings from around the world. Whatever your growth and development goals, the GSA can help open the door to new innovative practices and exciting global opportunities that will help your students thrive.

From now on, you will receive all of the latest updates, exclusive content and be the first to know about upcoming events.

Let’s get started!

1. Display your Badge

We ask all our Members and Ambassadors to add a GSA badge to their website to display their membership and commitment to global education.

2. Join Learning Unleashed

We invite you to join our brand new ‘Learning Unleashed’ platform. We are promoting the World Economic Forum’s Education 4.0 strategy and UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals in order to best prepare students for 21st Century life-long learning.

3. Join our Facebook Group

As a member, you have exclusive access to our ‘Global School Alliance’ closed Facebook group – where you can stay up-to-date with all things GSA, access exclusive content and tune in live to Virtual Education Conferences.

4. Register for the next Virtual Education Conference

Our Virtual Education Conferences are a unique development opportunity for teachers to connect with educators to discuss the most important topics in education globally.

Global School Alliance Launch

The GSA launched in April 2020. We're on-boarding hundreds of schools and teachers around the world to join before we launch our online partnerships. Accepted members will receive their acceptence letter by email.

Free Resources & Global Learning Content

GSA members will begin receiving their GSA Newsletter and free resources and articles from education leaders.

Online Platform

We will launch our free online partnership portal and e-learning tools shortly to all members.

Immersive Experiences

Global School Alliance Members access funding to begin participating in amazing immersive experiences with other GSA members, such as student exchanges, education conferences, leadership delegations and CPD events.

We’ll send all members a badge for their website to display their membership with the community.

School Membership

Schools can join as a member of the Global School Alliance for free.

  • Engage with other Global School Alliance members online
  • Start online ‘Global Joint Projects’ with other schools
  • Access ‘Learning Unleashed’ online platform for communication and collaboration with Alliance schools
  • Free e-learning courses & resources for students
  • Weekly newsletter with free resources and content
  • GSA virtual education conferences
  • Travel the world developing your educational knowledge
School Partnership

Schools can become a Global School Alliance partner. Get all the benefits of a member, elevate digital partnerships into practical global learning experiences.

  • Create global school partnerships through immersive education experiences
  • Access funding for Leadership Delegations to formally initiate partnerships and conduct risk assessments.
  • Funding for GSA schools enables discounts on student exchanges
  • Get paid to host alliance schools; add inclusive global learning experiences to your curriculum
  • Funding for CPD & school improvement events
  • Unlock GSA Scholarship inclusivity funding
Teacher Membership

Teachers can join as an Ambassador of the Global School Alliance for free.

  • Become a global ambassador for education
  • Weekly e-newsletter with free resources and content
  • Selected teachers join the GSA Ambassador Panel to contribute to events, online seminars, resources and articles for teachers around the world.
  • Access to free content, e-learning courses & resources for students
  • Access to ‘Learning Unleashed’ online platform for communication with GSA teachers
  • Funding for international CPD Delegations
  • Paid opportunities to create learning resources


What is the aim of the Global School Alliance?

The Global School Alliance aims to unite passionate educationalists from around the world under the common goal of providing global learning for students.

How do I join the Global School Alliance?

Schools, teachers and educators from around the world can join the Global School Alliance here.

What's the difference between a Member and an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is an educator who is passionate about striving for excellence in education and wants to promote global learning opportunities, as well as exchanging teaching practices. Ambassadors are willing to contribute to global education resources and become a leading voice in the community.

A Member demonstrates the school’s passion and commitment to offer global education opportunities for students. As a result, they will receive exclusive opportunities to connect with schools all over the world. We highly recommend that a member from the senior leadership team or representative should be the one to apply for the membership.

Can I be a Member and an Ambassador?

Yes of course. The opportunities for Members and Ambassador differ so it’s certainly worth having both memberships to receive the utmost benefits.

What's the commitment?

We expect all Members and Ambassadors to be an active member of the alliance to get the most out of their membership. We ask all Ambassadors to share one piece of content on a monthly basis.

Can I invite my colleagues?

Yes, certainly. We encourage members to share the alliance with like-minded individuals who are passionate about transforming education globally.

Is it free to join the alliance?

Yes, it’s free to join the alliance.

How can I display my membership on my website?

All members will be sent an email with the link to access their badges.

How can I engage in the global community?

Currently one of the best ways to engage in the alliance is on our private Facebook group.