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We’re passionate about raising the standards of quality education globally, and with the support of our corporate, media and project partners, we can inject the community with world-leading, innovative tools and resources to transform teaching and learning.

We have partnered with a wealth of organisations including Education Perfect, Mondly and Duolingo for Schools to provide the community with exclusive discounts, free resources and one-to-one support.

If you would like the opportunity to promote your brand to our engaged community of education professionals, please get in touch here.


We are proud to work with the Global School Alliance to provide teachers and schools all over the world with the tools and resources to transform learning.

Recent Projects

6-phase email campaign for
Education Perfect
Set up Chinese partners and agreements for
Sir Linkalot
Lead gen/brand awareness campaign for
IB targeted campaign for
Bolster Academy
Lead gen/brand awareness campaign for
Book Widgets
B2B Brand Awareness for
Duolingo for Schools

How can we help your education business?

Our educators are always looking for the best classroom resources, school improvement platforms, teacher training programmes and more to improve outcomes for teachers and learners.

That’s why we invite leading education businesses to partner with the Global School Alliance to drive maximum impact, spark ideas, and share exclusive discounts/free trials to support our members. This is an exciting opportunity for education businesses looking to raise brand awareness on a global scale and generate new leads.

As a trusted advisor of education suppliers, we can introduce you to our network of school contacts around the world through:

  • Awareness and lead generation campaigns
  • Marketing-to-schools campaigns
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Supplier directory listing
  • Outreach campaigns

For businesses who need support entering new markets, we also run business development programmes to establish partner networks and prepare your product for launch.

To find out more about GSA Partnerships, please get in touch.

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