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The Global School Alliance’s latest campaign details the importance of life-changing, immersive international school trips for students and staff. Inspired by the stories of colleagues, educators and students, we will highlight some of the most transformational stories.

We are proud and delighted to work with thousands of schools internationally to develop the essential skills, knowledge and experiences for students that will truly transform lives. We do this through our global transformation programme that connects the planet in partnerships, online exchanges and international student trips.

That’s why we are offering 20 schools a reimbursable place on the Global School Transformation programme for Spring 2023.

The Global School Transformation programme provides a three-stage framework for schools to build and develop a whole-school approach to embedding global dimensions in their curriculum and ethos. It has a whole school impact on school improvement and professional development for international coordinators, and it gives young people the experiences to help boost their confidence and interpersonal skills. No matter what stage you’re at on your international journey, this exciting programme combines every element of developing globalisation, citizenship and cultural capital into an easy-to-follow, comprehensive whole-school programme.

Based on the Global School Awards & Accreditation pathway, this programme is the most direct route to becoming a ‘Gold Accredited School’ – taking schools from planning, training and qualifying staff members through establishing online partnerships, collaborations and international visits.

  • Whole school approach to embedding global dimensions and cultural capital into the school ethos and curriculum.
  • It gives both staff and students valuable opportunities to better understand, explore and experience the wider world.
  • It provides key power, wide value and impactful whole-school benefits for embedding valuable and authentic global experience.
  • The programme is key to developing, embedding and celebrating a whole school ethos around a global mindset and ensuring positive global collaboration and communication.
  • It provides an inclusive framework around which to build shared understanding and commitment to impactful whole school global work.
  • It builds skills, global connections and authentic global opportunities for all the school and supports wider engagement from parents/carers/governors/local community/links with FE and HE.
  • Ensures the value of foreign language skills and develops wider confidence, social and cultural capital and intercultural understanding.

Places on the programme are very limited and applications close on 22nd February 2023. Enquire today to find out more and book a consultation call.

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