Thursday 12 May 2022 @ 4:00-6:00 pm BST London

Audience: Headteachers/Principals, Senior Leaders, Subject Specialists, Phase Leaders, School Business Managers

As part of our regular offering to members of the Global School Alliance, we have invited a wide range of specialists from leading EdTech companies to present to you what they think is currently exciting in education.

• Providing insights and expert analysis

• Providing ideas, signposting solutions and best practice.

• Connecting people who want to overcome the same challenges.

• Providing informative updates on the very latest EdTech developments.

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Meet the Speakers

Lee Bell

Senior Manager and Director for EDClass

Lee Bell is currently Senior Manager and Director for EDClass Ltd. Lee has been employed with EDClass for over 12 years and has seen the company develop into an established and trusted alternative provision provider. Lee has extensive knowledge within the education sector and meticulously strategises ways of improving the platform so each individual can reach their educational goals.

Lee will present on ‘Breaking barriers to learning remotely with sophisticated safeguarding solutions’ and provide school leaders with effective solutions.

About EDClass

EDClass is an online platform that offers a virtual learning classroom and management portal with resources to impact learning, assessment and catch-up. We have been providing a robust and safeguarded platform for over 13 years delivering personalised learning for remote, blended and flexible learning with UK-qualified teachers available, live and on-demand.

EDClass is a fully-safeguarded alternative provision that is proven to impact: safeguarding, mental health, reintegration, behaviour repair, intervention, attainment, attendance, off-site learning.

Tracee Miller

Senior Community Marketing Manager at DuoLingo

Dr. Tracee Miller is a Senior Community Marketing Manager at DuoLingo. She completed her PhD in Education Policy and Leadership in 2020, with a focus on racial bias in technology use in St. Louis high schools. Before transitioning into edtech, Dr. Miller was a teacher, instructional coach, and member of the Board of Education in St. Louis Public Schools, where she also had the opportunity to partner with schools across the country as an academic program manager.

Prior to joining Duolingo, she spent time as a Partnerships Manager at ClassDojo and Community and Support Lead at Khan Academy.

About DuoLingo for Schools

Building on the efficacy and success of the original Duolingo platform, Duolingo for Schools, created for teachers at every level, augments any curriculum, giving students content designed to promote long-term retention, while providing teachers with creative ways to differentiate instruction, increase engagement, and keep students learning on any device, both inside and outside the classroom.

This session goes behind the scenes to show how Duolingo for Schools works–from the learning science behind the app’s effectiveness to the business model that keeps Duolingo free for teachers and students around the world. Connect with other teachers, ask questions, and learn how Duolingo for Schools makes it easy to enrich your curriculum and motivate your students.‬

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