The Global School Alliance is thrilled to announce that all of our 16 Turing Scheme applicants have been successful in securing funding to visit their partner schools during the academic year of 2023-24. A total of £835,644 has been awarded to our schools and will facilitate life-changing experiences for over 650 students.

The Turing Scheme is a UK government-funded programme aimed at supporting international exchanges and collaboration across education sectors and is particularly targeted at disadvantaged students. This award is a significant boost for our schools and their local communities, who will be able to access this opportunity to broaden their horizons.

A student exchange trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that provides young people with an opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and gain a truly global perspective. During the visit they will be exposed to new cultures, lifestyles and languages, allowing them to develop a deep sense of cultural understanding and empathy. These immersive experiences have huge impacts on shaping personal growth and will provide opportunities for the visitors to develop friendships with peers thousands of miles away.

Each of the 16 schools have been matched with a partner school in countries including China, Spain, Morocco, France, Mexico, Tunisia, and Brazil.

  • Barton Hill Academy, Torquay – visiting partner school in France
  • Bidston Avenue Primary School, Birkenhead – visiting partner school in China
  • Bohunt School Worthing, West Sussex – visiting partner school in China
  • Brampton Primary School, Newham – visiting partner school in Spain
  • Carlton Junior and Infant School, Dewsbury – visiting partner school in Tunisia
  • Diss High School, Norfolk – visiting partner school in Mexico
  • Evelyn Street Primary Academy and Nursery, Warrington – visiting partner school in Brazil
  • Frank Field Education Trust, Ellesmere Port (consortium) – visiting partner schools in Spain, Berlin, China and Chile
  • Furness Academy, Barrow-in-Furness – visiting partner schools in Brazil and Spain
  • Orchard Mead Academy, Leicester – visiting partner schools in France
  • Sandymoor School, Runcorn – visiting partner school in Spain
  • St Mary’s Catholic College, Wallasey – visiting partner school in Morocco
  • St Matthias School, Wolverhampton – visiting partner school in Spain
  • St. Stephen’s C of E Primary School, Surrey – visiting partner school in China
  • Sycamore Primary School, Nottingham – visiting partner school in China
  • Wellington College Belfast, Northern Ireland – visiting partner school in Mexico

The Global School Alliance is proud to be at the forefront of promoting global learning and cultural exchanges, and this award is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our schools. It also demonstrates the value of international collaborations and face-to-face exchanges.

We congratulate our 16 schools on their successful Turing Scheme funding applications and look forward to seeing the benefits of their visits next year. We are confident that these exchanges will provide lasting benefits for all involved and we hope that this opportunity will inspire more schools to participate in international collaborations and promote global learning in the years to come.

To find out more about our Turing Scheme support service for 2024/25, visit: https://www.globalschoolalliance.com/turing-scheme-service/.