Since 9th Kindergarten of Tripoli in Greece joined the Global School Alliance in 2022, they have demonstrated their commitment to developing projects and have recently been awarded the Bronze-level Global School Award.

Why is global education important to you and your school?

Each child has the right to education and should be given equal chances for that. If all educators from all over the world will be united and work for that we believe we can do it. At our school we respect the differences between our students and we want to cultivate respect for each other. We want to give them the chance to get to know students from other countries interact and collaborate with them, as we believe we all benefit from global educational projects, both the staff and the students. Global education develops students’ skills to engage with their global peers and offers them a great opportunity to take actions as citizens to improve our world.

How can/has the Global School Alliance benefited you as a teacher and the opportunities for your school?

Our school has been member of Global School Alliance for almost a year. During this period we have interacted with educators from all over the world. We had the chance to meet in a project, exchange ideas, good practices, methodologies, concerns and of course we got to know their cultures. Our school got awarded with the Bronze Award, our work and our activities got known all over the world. The Global School Alliance has also given us a great opportunity for professional development through the very interesting webinars. The platform is really easy to handle and we are looking forward to new global challenges, projects and collaborations. Moreover, the guidance and help we get from all the responsible people of GSA is amazing. It makes us feel as members of a family.

The platform is really easy to handle and we are looking forward to new global challenges, projects and collaborations.

What benefits do you think this award will have on the whole school community?

An award is always something very important for a school and this award is a kind of global recognition. Our school, even a small one, has made a great effort the last years to get involved in European and Global projects and this is a great reward mostly for the educator but also for the students who had actively participated in those projects all these years.

How will you use this award to motivate students and staff?

We are really proud of our Bronze Award. That means that we should all give our best to continue our global action. Our students will be excited and we would like to encourage them take part in inspiring global projects in the future. We would like to thank GSA for that.

What are your plans to develop your international work?

We completed the global project we took part during school year 2022-23 and now we are looking for a new one. There are inspiring and interesting projects in the platform. Meanwhile, we try to connect with more schools and educators. In September we will inform the new staff that will be in our school about Global School Alliance and we will try to motivate them become members and connect with educators or attend webinars. We would really like to partner with a school and co-found a global project.