The Global School Alliance Bronze Award School has acknowledged Alameda International School as a school that encourages a global mindset and is committed to an international way of teaching.

Find out how Maite Molina, Director of Languages, is using the award and school membership to develop students’ global awareness and key skills.

How did you introduce international aspects into your school?

Alameda International School has always engaged in developing an international approach and instilling a global mindset in students. This is reflected in both the makeup of our teaching staff, many of whom come from various different countries, as well as teaching a curriculum designed to help students learn about other cultures and societies while understanding that we share this world.
Furthermore, while a number of the student body are themselves, international students, our students from the local area are provided with the opportunity to interact with others from as different cultural backgrounds as China or India. 

How does your school’s international work improve student engagement and motivation?

Students at our school are used to being presented with a range of tasks designed to orient their thinking outside of their own world and to consider the perspectives of others, which in turn provide challenges that sharpen their critical and creative thinking, as well as team-working skills. 

“Global awareness of both our teachers and students by engaging with the Global School Alliance in order to establish relationships with similarly minded schools in other parts of the world."

Maite MolinaDirector of Languages

How has the Global School Alliance benefited you as a teacher and the opportunities for your school? 

Our membership in the Global School Alliance is very recent at this moment, although we are disseminating the news amongst the faculty members and already many of the teaching staff have shown great interest in participating in related activities and training. 

What impact do you hope your Bronze School Award will have on teacher and student motivation?

Receiving an award is always a welcomed way to reflect the effort committed teachers put into their daily practice; because this award also comes with enticing opportunities for self-improvement, a plethora of resources to help with lesson planning, and endless possibilities to get students engaged internationally, its impact is anticipated to be very positive among our school community. 

How will you use this award as a starting point to increase global awareness? 

We can use this award to expand the global awareness of both our teachers and students by engaging with the Global School Alliance in order to establish relationships with similarly minded schools in other parts of the world, as well as taking advantage of the excellent resources and training opportunities on offer through the program. As the question implies, this is our starting point, and we are excited to pursue an ever-increasing international approach in every aspect of our school life. 

What are your plans for continuing as an internationally minded school?

Alameda International has just been granted the MYP accreditation, having already become an official PYP and DP school within the IB family. The implementation of the Continuum of the IB program is furthering even more our investment in developing internationally minded students, which we will endeavour to supplement with activities, trips, and exchanges with fellow schools around the world. 

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