Being a global educator is a joy, privilege and a responsibility I hold dear. The opportunity to work with colleagues across a range of settings, educational establishments, sectors and inspirational landscapes allows me to listen, learn and observe which facilitates deeper engagement and understanding in and of education, pedagogy, learning and ultimately help international colleagues to unlock their potential by considering different perspectives, pedagogies and practices.

I have always been inspired by languages, cultures and experiences so to experience this on a global scale via the medium of education offers me personally profound opportunities, responsibilities and happiness. I truly believe that with every connection made with international colleagues we learn more about ourselves, our native tongues and our cultures which we can use to engage more purposefully, positively and sustainably to solve conundrums and problems, raise awareness and whilst also shining a spotlight on the need for acceptance, unity and collaboration. Together we are a stronger and a more enlightened community of global practitioners and educators.

Crista Hazell, Education Consultant for MFL.

School Trips Change Lives

We are proud and delighted to work with thousands of schools internationally to develop the essential skills, knowledge and experiences for students that will truly transform lives. We do this through our global transformation programme that connects the planet in partnerships, online exchanges and international student trips.

We recognise the life-changing benefits of immersive school trips and are passionate about making these experiences more accessible for your students and staff. That’s why we are offering 20 reimbursable school places on the Global School Transformation programme for Spring 2023.

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