Part Two: Teaching in China

Having completed my pioneering journey through University standard Chinese literature aged 18, I was faced with a unique problem, attend university to graduate in Chinese studies and waste the first couple of years (which start from the beginning as the course is designed from fresh starters in Mandarin) or get a “real” education living and working in China.

Being the adventurous type and supported by great parents, I embarked on the latter, training as a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher. Six months after finishing school, I was in Beijing training with almost 200 other global pioneers from English-speaking countries around the planet. The 6 weeks in Beijing were some of the most fun I have ever had, there were more than 20 nationalities represented all in China for adventure, learning and self-betterment. There were many reasons why they were there, for employment, exploration, escape, self-development, language training and a host more.

It was within this short period of time I made some lifelong friends and new brothers and sisters from all corners of the planet.

By my 19th birthday, I had truly developed a global family and we were all connected online and in person. As technology developed, the ease at which we could stay connected improved almost monthly.

I could write a couple of books about the adventures I had over the number of years living and teaching throughout China; the people I met and those that adopted me into their lives and families. The principles of respect and responsibility for family grew in China and their culture had deep and meaningful impacts on my inner and outer world views.

This was the springtime of my global citizenship journey, I had grown from a seed of inspiration, passion and possibility and transformed into a citizen of the world where opportunities lay around every corner and my ability and confidence to access them regardless of where they were based was incredible.

These years laid the foundation for my future of building organisations and businesses, connecting with and inspiring others to take on a journey of global citizenship.

Unfortunately, there was a loss in my close family that changed everything. Armed with my new set of principles of responsibility to the family I decided to leave my Chinese life for now and return home to support and build a new life with my mother, brothers and sisters. Lucky for me I still had and have my global family loving and supporting me.

The years of hard work that followed glistened with visits from friends afar, online catch-ups, and sharing of experiences in video and photos.

Part 3 coming soon!

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