GSA Announces Partnership with Independent Schools Association


The Global School Alliance (GSA) is delighted to announce a new and transformative partnership with the highly regarded Independent Schools Association (ISA).

The Independent Schools Association (ISA) is the registered charity that represents the Heads of 646 of the UK’s best independent schools. They provide their Members and staff with a wide range of membership services, including high-quality training courses and conferences, networking opportunities, advice and support.

ISA works closely with Headteachers and with other professional bodies to promote excellence in independent education. We seek to influence the national educational debate on behalf of our Members, while promoting independence and choice.

The partnership between GSA and ISA represents an exciting opportunity for the network of independent schools to access a wide range of resources, opportunities and experiences to enhance the quality of education and encourage a global perspective among students and educators alike.

Under this partnership, ISA schools will have access to a wide range of benefits, including:

Global collaboration and networking opportunities: Schools will have the chance to connect with like-minded institutions across the globe, fostering valuable relationships and cross-cultural exchanges.

Professional development and training: The partnership will provide educators with access to webinars and events designed to enhance their teaching methodologies and global awareness.

Sharing of resources and best practices: Participating schools will have the opportunity to collaborate and share resources, cutting-edge technologies, and effective teaching techniques, promoting innovation and excellence in the classroom.

Joint initiatives and projects: GSA and ISA will jointly develop and support various projects aimed at addressing global educational challenges, promoting cultural understanding, and creating a positive impact on education worldwide.

By partnering with ISA, GSA expands its reach and collaborates with an influential organisation committed to educational excellence. With a shared vision and dedication to transforming the educational landscape, this partnership will enable member schools to go beyond borders, broaden their horizons, and shape the future of education.