The Global School Alliance has awarded the Bronze Award School to Heritage International School in Moldova, a school that has global education at the heart of everything it does.

Find out how Tatiana Popa, Head of Global Education, is using the award and school membership to develop students’ global awareness and key skills.

Why is global education important to you and your school?

Global education lies at the heart of all our activities at Heritage International School, as we are an international community of students and teachers from all corners of the world. We are also part of global communities, such as GSA, eTwinning, COBIS, ECIS, Climate Action Schools, etc. International education is present at every stage of our activity, embedded in our curriculum in all subjects, and our students learn about the world together with the world.

How has the Global School Alliance benefited you as a teacher and the opportunities for your school?

I have been with Global School Alliance from its start in 2020, and I was offered the opportunity to share best practices from my activity at the monthly conferences with peers worldwide. Also, I was part of the pilot program, in which I collaborated with a partner school in the Culture Project, where our students did activities, met online, shared the best of their heritage, discovered new things about the country of our partner, created common products, watched global events together and had fun. As an educator, I wrote many blog articles and shared with the GSA community and the world, thus making the work of Heritage International School known worldwide.

What benefits do you think this award will have on the whole school community?

This award comes to strengthen our belief that we are on the right track, and the way we envision education in the 21st century is the right one. It means we have reached the basic standards in global collaboration, with students and teachers getting connected to the world on a daily basis, be it through PBL on sustainability, reading, media literacy, online safety and more.

How will you use this award to motivate students and staff?

This award is a good motivation, as it shows appreciation for our work, and it will push us further to aim for the Silver Award, too. Our staff and students love being praised for their work and it is natural to be so – we will challenge ourselves to do more!

This award is a good motivation, as it shows appreciation for our work, and it will push us further to aim for the Silver Award, too.

Tatiana PopaHead of Global Education at Heritage International School Moldova

What are your plans for the future to develop internationalism?

As future plans, we aim to enlarge our exchanges between Heritage and our partner schools, we also plan on developing CPD opportunities for colleagues nationwide at Heritage this year. We hope to get selected for GSA exchanges as well! Our students are very much looking forward to it!

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