The following article comes from Garrod Musto, Director of Outreach and Partnerships at Kingsfood School, Bath.

Sitting in a quaint street café in the Historico sector of Mexico City, the bustling energy of the city contrasts sharply with my reflective mood.  I landed late last night excited by the prospect of visiting a country and a culture I have read so much about and meet once more a really special group of people to celebrate their milestone of 150 years of their school’s rich history.

As I sip my coffee, I can’t help but ponder the remarkable journey that Kingswood School has undertaken in the past twelve months. It’s been a transformative period, marked by the celebration of our 275th anniversary and the forging of a flourishing partnership with Madero College, Puebla just outside Mexico City. This partnership, has seen both institutions thrive, culminating in the award of the GSA Bronze Award to Madero and our own Silver Award for supporting them through the Bronze Award process. As I reflect on our journey, I’m filled with pride and excitement for what lies ahead. Here are a few thoughts.

Celebrating Kingswood’s 275th Anniversary was more than just a milestone; it was a moment of deep reflection and gratitude for the legacy of Founder John Wesley. Wesley’s vision of education as a catalyst for social change continues to inspire us, guiding our commitment to excellence and inclusivity.

Our anniversary year provided the perfect opportunity to reaffirm these values and set our sights on even greater achievements, including the pursuit of the Silver Global School Award.

The IAMSCU 2023 Conference emerged as a pivotal moment in our journey, offering a platform to connect with Methodist schools worldwide. It was here that the dream to engage with schools globally took root, igniting a passion for collaboration and cultural exchange, and led to the start of a collaboration with GSA to develop online materials for schools, and the create a song with participants from a arrange fo schools across the UK and overseas which then became part of the GSA webinar last June.

April 2023 Madero College visited Kinsgwood & this stands as a testament to the power of these connections. As the oldest Methodist school in Latin America, Madero brought a wealth of cultural richness and insight to our community. The exchange was a transformative experience, deepening our understanding of global interconnectedness and fostering lasting friendships across continents.

Technology has also played a crucial role in facilitating our global engagement efforts, enabling ongoing communication and collaboration with schools worldwide. Through virtual classrooms and online exchanges, we’ve been able to expand our horizons and connect with students from diverse backgrounds. These virtual connections have not only enriched our curriculum but have also empowered our students to become true global citizens, we hope the opportunities for these will grow with the news of the exciting developments in the new GSA platform functionality.

As we charted our course towards the Silver Global School Award, we wanted to remain focused on a commitment to excellence and innovation. Curriculum enhancements, professional development opportunities, and student-led initiatives are just a few of the strategies we’ve implemented to meet the award requirements. Our journey towards silver was not about accolades; it was building on GSA’s founder Tom Camilleri’s vision of a global community, alongside our Mission as a school which is providing outstanding educational opportunities for young people through community engagement and by serving others. Nurturing a culture of global citizenship and empowering our students to make a positive impact on the world.

In conclusion, the past twelve months have been a wonderful year of celebration at Kingswood School. From celebrating our rich history to forging new partnerships on a global scale, we’ve embraced the opportunity to grow and thrive. As we look towards the future, we do so with optimism and determination, knowing that our journey to silver is just the beginning of an even greater adventure.

With the legacy of John Wesley as our guide and the spirit of collaboration as our compass, the possibilities are truly endless, supporting other schools and building a community of schools making a difference on this amazing journey that GSA has enabled.

Can’t wait to see what comes of the next 10 days in Madero, and the ideas for a blog series and webinar later in the year for GSA schools, as there is a real appetite for an international STEM project among the participating schools. Watch this space, exciting times ahead!

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