The Global School Alliance has awarded the Bronze Award School to Kulachi Hansraj Model School, an urban Cambridge International School in New Dehli.

Pallavi Marwah, English teacher at Kulachi Hansraj Model School has shared how the Alliance has opened the school to a range of global learning opportunities.

Why is global education important to you and your school?

Global Education is important to my school i.e. Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Delhi, India because, in today’s 21st-century technology-driven world, the youth must recognise, understand and accept differences from a global perspective as today’s learner doesn’t learn in isolation, but as a citizen of this global village that we all are a part of.

How can/has the Global School Alliance benefited you as a teacher and the opportunities for your school?

It has been a marvel to discover the Global School Alliance, as for me, it’s a doorway to the world of global educators where they connect, share, learn from each other. Besides, the regular webinars on a diverse array of topics of global relevance teach me striking lessons which I can carry to my classroom for my students to benefit from. Hence, for a constant learner like me, the platform is a journey to my professional growth as well as personal development.

On the other hand, for my school, I think there couldn’t have been a better place to showcase its international work, seek recognition for it as well as to take it forward by adding newer and greater dimensions by making global connections with a variety of schools from different parts of the world to collaborate over educational projects and plan student exchange programmes with.

What benefits do you think this award will have on the whole school community?

The Global School Alliance Award is going to be a testimony to the school’s continuous endeavour and commitment to provide newer and wider avenues to its teachers as well as students for exploring, engaging with and learning from. It’s not just a new feather in our hat but also an opportunity for us to work more profoundly on our international agenda for the school community. Additionally, the award is also a responsibility, to carry forward the legacy of our school’s name and make a reputation for it in the global education community.

How will you use this award to motivate students and staff?

Motivation is indeed the greatest driving force towards excellence. This award is going to help the students and staff of our school to recognise their own place and worth in the process of tackling global challenges together while establishing global relations, and inculcating in the young learners a spirit of globalisation and sustainable development.

What are your plans to develop your international work?

We, at Kulachi, believe in fostering the 21st-century skill set of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity in our students for a global classroom is an ideal place to be as it gives the learners a space to connect with their global peers, learn from their experiences, acknowledge differences and discord and practise open-mindedness, acceptability and love to make the world a better and peaceful place for all.