Little Hadham Primary School has coordinated and participated in many eTwinning and Erasmus projects and proudly still cooperates with many international schools. Since joining the Global School Alliance, they have developed their global journey through the Global School Awards & Accreditation programme, most recently attaining the Silver Global School Award.

Markella Afenti-Sassis, International Coordinator at Little Hadham Primary School said:

“All staff at Little Hadham Primary School are delighted to receive the Silver-level Global School Award! Our school continues to build and embed a real global learning ethos, which sits at the heart of teaching and learning. We are proud of our strong international focus across the curriculum and of our well established links across Europe with whom we have worked on many collaborative projects, enabling our pupils to experience increased awareness of ways of life and different cultures. 

Our wonderful pupils’ work, outcomes and impact are being shared and celebrated with the staff, parents and the wider community. Our aims are to enable real understanding and an appreciation of culture and diversity and to develop concrete active global citizenship and authentic language skills via direct communication and collaboration. Our school is committed to sustaining the delivery of genuine, effective and excellent global learning.

At Little Hadham Primary, our pupils are able to enhance their cultural awareness and knowledge by collaborating with pupils from partner schools and through cross-curricular activities and innovative approaches. The pupils use new technologies, learn about the culture of the partner schools (tangible and intangible) and experience through their communication how English is not only a school subject but an indispensable means of communication. Pupils learn about shared values, the Sustainable Goals and other important areas such as esafety, Climate change and SDGs, they are equipped with safety and well being strategies, and all these throughout various collaborative activities and virtual exchanges.

Teachers are empowered as they have the opportunity to observe lessons and deliver activities in partner schools, plan and team work with European colleagues, share ideas and learn from each other, attend various educational workshops and meetings and therefore improve their pedagogical skills, implement new strategies and approaches in their own schools, enhance their teaching practises and skills. As a result, we create more inclusive schools. The Sustainable Goals, charity and eco activities and shared values are incorporated in our lessons, classrooms, assemblies and school curriculums.  

We are passionate about bringing the world into our classrooms, about the amazing benefits of international learning. We are open to new horizons and we are looking forward to new partnerships.”

John Rolfe MBE, Community & Partnerships Manager at the Global School Alliance said: “Markella is a hugely valued and experienced GSA School Ambassador and International Coordinator at her school and has always had an inspiring insight into the key central value of bringing the world into her great primary school every day. Many congratulations on your well-deserved success!”

The Global School Awards are a supportive and motivational framework that guides and supports schools through their international work. With three certified levels of recognition, the Awards programme takes schools from introducing international work to the curriculum, to embedding it within the school’s culture and wider ethos. To find out more and apply, visit: