The Global School Alliance is proud to announce the newly appointed President of the Student Council for 2022/23.

Aanya Gupta is a 16-year-old student studying at Sunbeam School Varuna, India. She describes herself as an independent, focused and confident young girl who holds a positive attitude. She likes to sing and participate in events with a passion for public speaking and drama.

Aanya said that the “platform of Global School Alliance, will definitely improve our problem-solving skills and develop an extraordinary vision for the upcoming future and think out of the box.”

We would like to thank Mealea for her service as President last year and look forward to your new role on the council.

Message from Aanya:

“Greetings everyone, I am Ania, Ania Gupta the President of the Student Council of the Global School Alliance. I am a student of class ten studying in Sunbean School, Varuna, India. Being an inhabitant of one of the hotspots of culture and heritage of India Varansi, I firmly believe in the saying Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam which means that the world is one family. I consider this alliance of students from all across the globe as a family and feel that I would be able to execute the responsibilities as the President in a really nice way.

Now let me tell you something more about me. I am a trained Kathak dancer. Kathak is one of the classical dances of India. I’m a student who loves participating in events like debate, public speaking, drama and many more. Being the Preseident I will definitely promote them all in the meetings of the GSA. I have done anchoring also many times in my school and I love interacting with people. Not only that, currently I am engaged with Intact. It is an association that deals with the culture and heritage of India.

I’m really grateful to all of the members of the GSA and Toni for giving me this opportunity of being the President.

I will try to develop debates and discussions in the meetings to develop the thinking skills of all of the students so we can develop a different vision and dimension.”