Sabina Turcan, a graduating student at Heritage International School in Moldova, was elected as President of the Global School Alliance Student Council by her peers for the 2023-24 academic year.

In her election campaign, Sabina was motivated by the responsibility of this role to “make a change in our society” and described the goal of the Council to “ensure a better future for everyone.”

The Student Council represents the voices of hundreds of students in schools worldwide; providing a platform for primary and secondary age groups to discuss and debate global topics, compare and contrast their lifestyles, cultures, habitats and local communities, and engage in authentic real-time interactions with peers overseas.

Heritage International School in Moldova is one of the founding members of the Global School Alliance, with over 30 members of staff participating on the platform and engaging in international projects.

On her last day as President, Sabina met with her peers from secondary schools in the UK, India and the Philippines to discuss their ideas for the missing Sustainable Development Goal, as part of the challenge in partnership with The World’s Largest Lesson.

Sabina said: “The Global School Alliance Student Council is one of the very few international communities that unite students from all over the world for a common goal – to make a difference in our society and ensure a better future for everyone.

I will forever be proud to have been given the chance to represent such a remarkable and unique community – one which opens the door to countless opportunities and connections that could last a lifetime.”

I will forever be proud to have been given the chance to represent such a remarkable and unique community.

All of the teachers and staff at Heritage International School Moldova are hugely supportive of Sabina and her outstanding commitment to the Council.

Tatiana Popa, Head of Global Education and Deputy Academic Director at Heritage International School said: “We are grateful to Global School Alliance for offering our students at Heritage such a global exposure and the opportunity to interact, discuss, share and plan things together.

We have been part of the GSA student councils for years now, and our students totally love the experience! We love meeting and watching their peers in their respective schools, comparing schools settings, uniforms, environments, mindsets, and the feeling they receive by being part of this global community.”

Leo, a Year 7 pupil at Lichfield Cathedral School said: “Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting. Sabina, your presentation was very inspirational to us. It taught us how to raise awareness of the ongoing crisis happening globally. We are looking forward to many more meetings in the future with the Global School Alliance crew.”

Rob Ford, CEO & Director of Heritage International School said: “What makes GSA so unique in international education is its genuine commitment to empowering children and young people to be the drivers of change and to develop the leadership skills and values much needed for the future. This is achieved in a number of dedicated, regular and practical ways that brings so many students across the World together in authentic and transformative global collaboration.

At Heritage, we are really proud to be part of GSA and we can see the impact it has on all our young (and old) global citizens here in Moldova, celebrating children, in such a positive way. We are outward facing, globally focussed and globally connected in education thanks to the work and place of GSA in our expanding international community.”

We are outward facing, globally focussed and globally connected in education thanks to the work and place of GSA in our expanding international community.

John Rolfe, Community & Partnerships Manager at the Global School Alliance, said: “The enriching and creative global dimensions of teaching and learning have always been a the heart of the work of the Global School Alliance. We are passionate about encouraging and supporting that great global conversation of humankind that unites us all…it’s very important to celebrate the key voices of students and learners in global learning and we are proud of our Secondary School Student Council in the Global School Alliance.

These Councils bring together schools from across the global to learn from each with authentic exchanges of views and insights around issues of shared global concern.

Many thanks to the Student President of the Council across the 2023-2024 school year! We want to pay tribute to the inspirational Sabina Turcan from Heritage International School in Moldova. Sabina has displayed incredible hard work, excellent commitment and greatly appreciated support for the importance of inclusive student voice; an inspirational President and our sincere thanks from us all at the Global School Alliance. Very best wishes with your own exciting and impactful global career, studies and journey; you are a huge credit to the proactive and globally inclusive spirit of the wonderful Heritage International School…good luck and thank you Sabina!”

Find out more about the Student Council: https://www.globalschoolalliance.com/student-council/.