The pupils at Monksdown Primary School in Liverpool are passionate and determined global citizens that are keen to ensure the broad issues around justice, equity and access to quality education are made daily realities for everyone in their local community.

Today colleagues from the Global School Alliance met with teacher Ann-Marie Ferrigan and global ambassadors to host the virtual Primary Student Council meeting in the school.

The Primary Student Council gives young people the platform for their voices to be heard internationally by contributing to debates and discussions, collaborating on innovative projects and taking ownership of student-led initiatives.

Monksdown Primary School’s global ambassadors presented their work on the Sustainable Development Goals and shared how the school is tackling global issues that might be seen as too challenging to implement locally.

Ann-Marie Ferrigan, International Coordinator, spoke very proudly of their global learners determined to make a difference – whether that’s campaigning for free school meals for everyone or ending the scourge of homelessness.

John Rolfe MBE, Community & Partnerships Manager said: “Working with and learning from the inspirational students and staff at Monksdown Primary School has been a real privilege. We were delighted to be hosted by this great school as we celebrated our fifth anniversary and wanted a Liverpool school to be a key part of our Primary Student Council event for May.

Teacher Ann-Marie Ferrigan, pupils at Monksdown Primary School and John Rolfe MBE

The global dimensions of teaching and learning have always been at the very heart of our mission at the Global School Alliance and Monksdown represents the very best in ensuring that all of their young people think and act as empowered global citizens ready to take on the challenges of the future.”

Monksdown Primary School has a wide and deep appreciation for giving young people the opportunities to develop a global outlook on all aspects of society, and through the Global School Awards, have been recognised for its outstanding commitment.

John said: “We are proud to award this amazing school our Bronze Global School Award in recognition of its very impressive whole school commitment to global teaching and learning.”

The Global School Awards offer a supportive and enriching pathway to ensure that all aspects of global activities in your school are recognised and celebrated. Having young people involved in all your global work is a great way to develop a whole school ethos and our awards are an inclusive way of promoting wider understanding.

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