Agora Lledó International School have been recognised as a Bronze Award School after demonstrating their commitment to providing global learning opportunities for their students.

We spoke to Headmaster Luis Madrid Gimenez to find out how the award has impacted the school community and plans for the future.

How did you introduce international aspects into your school?

Our school is already part of an international group of schools from around the world so our teachers and students are fully aware of global aspects. We have an academic curriculum that has the implementation of contact with other schools worldwide from primary school up to baccalaureate. This is done online in international student events, through exchange programmes and via education about global learning in the classroom.

How does your school’s international work improve student engagement and motivation?

Our students have observed how the school has worked with other schools internationally in various events and collaborations annually.

How has the Global School Alliance benefited you as a teacher and the opportunities for your school? ​

The Global School Alliance has helped the teachers in school to see a new method of opening a contact window between our school and another school which is always very welcome especially with our students who are curious to learn about different cultures.

What impact has your Bronze School Award had on teacher and student motivation?

The Bronze School Award has shown our teachers and students that maintaining and improving collaboration globally can lead to an enriching experience. There is a motivation to get to the Silver School Award and beyond.

“The Global School Alliance has helped the teachers in school to see a new method of opening a contact window between our school and another school.”

Luis Madrid GiménezHeadmaster

What do you hope becoming a Global Award-Winning School will achieve? ​

As our school is already acknowledged worldwide for its activities and links with various associations and schools, becoming a Global Award-Winning School will allow us to achieve even more recognition worldwide and for more schools to wish to start and maintain contact with us.

What are your plans for continuing as an internationally-minded school?

​We are currently very internationally-minded and our plans always involve a global mindset which would allow our students, teachers and the whole educational community to grow with an ever-growing respect and understanding of the world that we live in.

Online Projects and Virtual Partnerships

Agora Lledó International School are already a very active school in the community and have most recently completed the 6-week Global Culture Project with their partnered school Bishop’s Stortford College in the UK.

Facilitated on the GSA Platform, the online exchange gave students the opportunity to discuss hobbies and interests, local culture and daily school life. Despite being over 1400 miles apart, both schools welcomed the partnership with a virtual tour of the school and its facilitates.

To celebrate the project, both schools joined a live session to find out more about their peers. The UK students were able to practice their Spanish speaking with native speakers as they asked questions about their school and holidays in Spain.

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