GSA Welcomes John Rolfe MBE, Global Schools Community & Partnerships Manager


The Global School Alliance is delighted to welcome John Rolfe MBE to the team as the Global Schools Community and Partnerships Manager.

Previously Schools Outreach Manager at the British Council, John will continue to build on his 20+ years of experience and support the Global School Alliance’s mission to empower globally-minded educators.

Message from John Rolfe MBE:

“I am proud and delighted to be joining the great Global School Alliance (GSA) to support and promote their important work to develop and celebrate school partnerships across the globe. Internationally minded Educators are the most important people in the world and I very much look forward to continuing my commitment to working with a wide range of organisations, institutions and educators who share our profound belief in the key power, wide value and impactful benefits of authentic and engaging international school connections.

My degree in United States Studies gave me fantastic experiences learning more about international education and I undertook extensive UK and overseas travel over my career with British Council to meet with, and learn from, schools and educators across the world.

A very special thank you to all International Schools Ambassadors who offer brilliant insight, professional advice and inspirational encouragement to their Fellow Educators; we all especially look forward to working with you and we are very grateful for your great support.

Now, more than ever, we all need to encourage and celebrate inclusive international experiences and further develop, enrich, widen and celebrate that great conversation of humankind that we all have a part to play in…

A huge thanks to you and to the GSA; I am honoured and privileged to be working with so many great global educators and exciting weeks and months lie ahead!”