The Global School Alliance is very proud of our opportunities to make authentic and impactful connections through our online Student Councils.

These are offered to both primary and secondary-age pupils and are key support in developing and encouraging a range of topics to debate and shared issues of concern to discuss in a moderated and inclusive online forum.

We are committed to ensuring that our wide and diverse global community of passionate and experienced educators are given a rich, accessible and inclusive range of tools and resources to develop important critical thinking skills. Our Student Councils also support and encourage respectful and informed thinking skills and understanding and promote a global outlook and a range of outlook; these are key in what we at the Global School Alliance want to celebrate as all our inspirational educators contribute daily to that great conversation of humankind.

It’s easy to apply to join one of our Student Councils ( and there are lots of whole-school benefits to being involved and sharing your own experiences and viewpoints…

This month pupils from schools in the UK, Bangladesh and Moldova have been discussing school dinners and their similarities/differences.

Comments from the Year 2 pupils about the Council Meeting

  • I liked everything
  • It was wonderful seeing so many different schools in so many different countries
  • The children in Bangladesh had a different uniform which was very colourful
  • My friend Tommy was really brave speaking to every one and he spoke really clearly
  • It was interesting to find out about different school food in the other countries
  • I’d like to say something next time
  • It’s exciting doing meetings like with other schools and I’d like to it again
  • I liked the certificate that we got

Comments from participating teachers

  • Amazing to have a platform like this for schools to exchange & share ideas on a topic of interest
  • We learnt a great deal about the different kind of school meals and food banks
  • Great opportunity for our pupils to learn to speak clearly to an audience
  • Like the idea of the certificates