The following article comes from Anna Azarova, Communications Lead at The British International School, Ukraine. 

In a rapidly evolving world filled with numerous challenges, it becomes crucial to look to the younger generation for innovative solutions. These young individuals will bear the responsibility of shaping our future. We are happy to say that the students of The British International School, Ukraine (BISU), joined schools worldwide in their dedication to securing humanity’s future. 

In the spirit of fostering global citizenship and environmental stewardship, our students, in Kyiv and Dnipro, recently participated in a COP 28 challenge, demonstrating their commitment to addressing the critical issues our planet faces.  

Their mission? To explore the impacts, both positive and negative, that humans have had on the environment over the past decade. With creativity and unwavering determination, these young minds stepped up to the task. 

The challenge required students to collaboratively devise a new law aimed at mitigating the detrimental effects of human activities on the Earth. The innovative solutions and thoughtful considerations showcased the depth of their understanding and concern for the planet’s well-being. Beyond tackling climate change, they addressed an array of issues, ranging from species extinction and rising sea levels to the critical problem of overfishing. 

Their proposals ranged from sustainable energy practices to waste reduction initiatives, reflecting a profound awareness of the need for immediate action. 

In addition to legislation, BISU students exploited their artistic talents to craft compelling visual messages. Through captivating artwork, they communicated the urgency of environmental protection to governments worldwide.  

Michael Lynch, the BISU Year 6 class teacher and the COP28 project manager comments: 

“The children found this project to be thought evoking and interesting. They began by exploring the idea of climate change, the impact society is having on the world and how we could make meaningful and lasting change. The children felt empowered to know that their voices would be reaching the leaders of COP28 and that their opinions matter. It allowed them to use their collaboration skills to work in groups and explore different concepts, listening to other people’s ideas and, most importantly, research the impact humans have had on this planet. I was so proud of all the work that the children completed and the inspiring posters they created. I am very thankful to Global School Alliance in affording us this opportunity and for the exciting project we took part in. 

What inspired our students to engage in this impactful project? What did they experience throughout their participation? Watch the video with our teacher Glenda Lee Perks talking to her Year 10 students who share their stories behind the work published on the GSA website. 

One more video is prepared by our students in Dnipro. 

Pamela Farah, the BISU International Academic Director, says: “I am extremely proud of our students’ involvement in COP28 and the Time Project. Participating in global climate conferences like COP demonstrates a strong commitment to addressing climate change and contributing to international efforts for sustainable and resilient solutions by our students. Their participation shows that they are actively engaging with the pressing environmental challenges of our time and are making meaningful contributions to the discourse surrounding climate action. It underscores their dedication to making a positive impact. Our pride in their achievements is well-deserved, and it reflects positively on their commitment to environmental stewardship. I wish them continued success in their endeavours and may their contributions help drive positive change in the global effort to address climate change”. 

As educators, we are immensely proud of their dedication, innovation, and the collaborative spirit they exhibited throughout this challenge. These young changemakers are a testament to the power of education in shaping conscientious global citizens. 

We are thankful to Global School Alliance for giving students all over the world an opportunity to connect, collaborate and contribute to our better tomorrow.