In celebration of Global Education Week, we asked educators why global education is important to them.

Here’s what they said…

‘Why is Global Education so important to me? It opens new doors with different and exciting challenges from across the world. It helps to shrink our world and enables us to gain a better understanding of the diverse and fascinating people with whom we share our planet. It gives us opportunities to work collaboratively to solve problems and is exciting and motivational for students and teachers alike.’ – Colette Cotton, GSA Member, UK

‘Since the day I went Global I could, with my school community, help address many concerns raised by the international community. I could help many schools in country and overseas get integrated in sustainable purposeful partnerships enhancing Global Citizenship and endowing young learners as well as Educators Voice and agency. How proud I feel today seeing the tangible impact on me, on school communities and on the world.‘ – Fethy Letaief, GSA Country Leader for Tunisia

‘This year, celebrating international education week in 2022, is more important than ever for schools and their communities around the globe.  The very real challenges of war, climate change impact, the energy crisis, the rise in the cost of living, refugees fleeing their homes, has made our global educational collaboration, our shared stories, solutions and support in our World school community, even more paramount.  We celebrate with all our students, real hope and a real sense that we can build a better, more prosperous and sustainable future for all in our common humanity, through international education.’ – Rob Ford, GSA Member in Moldova

‘For me Global learning sparks growth in both educators and students, and their relationship with the world students can learn and interact with other learners from different background, they become more open-minded. They gain a deeper understanding of cultural diversity by interacting, communicating and collaborating with diverse classes.It’s also a great occasion for educators to develop themselves academically, professionally, and personally.’ – Rajaa Ramadane, GSA Member in Morroco

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Ayşe Gezer, GSA Member in Turkey