In today’s globalised world, schools are increasingly recognising the importance of international education and its role in the curriculum and whole-school approach. International Coordinators play a crucial role in embedding the school’s international vision and ensuring that students develop the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to be prepared for an increasingly interconnected world.

What Do International Coordinators Do?

The International Coordinator is committed to developing and embedding an international approach throughout the school and the wider community. They will be the point of contact within the school and the driving force to effectively plan and monitor the global activities. This can include:

  • Developing and implementing an international policy
  • Developing cross-curricular projects and reporting the outcomes
  • Developing monitoring and supporting international school links and exchanges
  • Liaising with subject leaders to ensure that global aspects and cultures are emphasized within the curriculum
  • Planning an academic year of cultural days, international days, assemblies and enrichment activities
  • Providing professional development and training opportunities for teachers to develop a good understanding
  • Evaluating the impact of teaching and learning and preparing reports for governors/leadership

International Coordinators work closely with the whole school community to ensure that global dimensions are at the heart of everything that the school does.

Why Are International Coordinators Important?

International Coordinators play a critical role in developing a globally-minded school with opportunities for both students and staff to flourish. Here are a few reasons why they are so important:

1. Help Students Develop Global Competencies

International Coordinators ensure that students are exposed to diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives. This helps students develop the global competencies they need to succeed in today’s interconnected world.

2. Facilitate Cultural Exchanges

International Coordinators organise cultural exchanges that allow students to break down any misconceptions and develop empathy, understanding, and respect for other cultures.

3. Provide Professional Development for Teachers

International Coordinators should lift and empower staff with professional development opportunities and support colleagues to develop cross-curricular links to embed the school’s international approach.

Appointing an International Coordinator

Any school looking to build and develop its global dimensions and cultural capital should consider appointing an International Coordinator to embed a whole school approach.

School leaders should consider appointing a member of staff who shares the vision for global education and will have the energy and enthusiasm to get the whole school community involved.

If you would like to find out more about the role and what could be included, you can download our free International Coordinator role description here.

Download our International Coordinator Role Template