At Governors for Schools, we’re thrilled to be celebrating another Volunteers’ Week (1st – 7th June), an annual celebration of the crucial role volunteers play in communities across the UK. This year, we’re keen to highlight how professionals across a wide range of sectors can use their talents to enrich young people’s educational experiences – and gain a few new skills along the way!

So, what does a governance role involve? The purpose of a governing board is to offer strategic guidance for a school, ensuring money is appropriately spent and school leaders are held to account. Governors are required to attend around six meetings per year. During these meetings, governors assess the school’s progress and challenge existing policies to drive school improvement. If you’re passionate about improving young people’s life chances and enhancing social mobility, this could be the volunteering opportunity for you!

Who can become a school governor?

Almost anyone can become a governor if they’re over 18 and have time to devote on average, around 7 hours a month to the role.

Many people dismiss governance as the domain of parents and education experts. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While some knowledge of the education system can be helpful, strong boards contain volunteers with diverse experiences and backgrounds. At Governors for Schools, we prioritise diversity and inclusion in our work to enhance representation on governing boards.

What are the benefits of joining a board?

If you’re tempted to join a governing board, here are a few benefits that may seal the deal:

  • You’ll help nurture enriched, well-rounded citizens: As we explored in last year’s ‘All Pupils, Every Ambition’ campaign, you’ll help schools make decisions that enrich young people’s lives. For example, flagging an organisation such as the Global School Alliance to school leaders could make all the difference in broadening students’ horizons and improving their knowledge of the wider world.
  • You’ll give back to the community and fill vital gaps: There are many governor vacancies across schools in England and Wales. Volunteering your time is a great way to help schools in need of your skills and experiences.
  • You’ll develop new skills: A governance role provides opportunities to learn new skills, from overseeing a budget to analysing data. If you’re looking for fresh CPD opportunities, governance could be a great place to start.

Find out more with Governors for Schools

Feeling inspired to get involved in governance? Governors for Schools is here to help. Our application form is quick and easy to complete, and our friendly partnerships managers will help guide you through the process. Once we’ve assessed your details, we’ll start matching your skills with our current vacancies and let you know once we’ve found a suitable school. We also offer a comprehensive range of training resources to help prepare you for the role after being placed in school. To find out more about applying, head to our website!