This event is open to Maths teachers in the UK.

This virtual roundtable, a collaboration between the Global School Alliance and Bolster Academy, will bring together industry experts to introduce innovative solutions to formative assessment in mathematics.

All delegates will be offered a free demo of Bolster Academy and supported with a Global School Alliance School Membership.

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Event Description

This roundtable will explore how digital technology enables educators to maximise the potential of formative testing.

Although testing is commonly used to evaluate students, it can promote learning instead of just assessing it. As psychological and educational research proves, testing has multiple advantages for students and educators. However, traditional testing formats —like paper and pen assignments— can increase teachers’ workload even more.

The current state of technology removes barriers to successfully implementing formative assessment.

During our presentation, we will show key features like automated grading, personalised feedback, randomisation, progress reports, and easy scheduling. These innovations empower teachers to save time, obtain valuable feedback, and upgrade their courses. They also engage students while boosting their learning. To illustrate how technology can enhance formative assessment, we will use specific examples from Bolster Academy, which has developed a new IB maths course.

About Bolster Academy

Bolster Academy is an award-winning online learning and testing environment for maths that increases student engagement and saves teachers time. Unlike other platforms, we provide students with intuitive, real-time feedback on their work, and teachers benefit from unlimited support, including from our in-house maths specialists, so that every one of our partners can best meet their teaching needs. Our tool is used by more than 60 leading educational institutions worldwide, supporting over 200,000 students with improved mathematics learning.

About the Speaker

Lars van Boeijen is a Lecturer at Erasmus University College and IB Maths Lead at Bolster Academy.

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