Sponsored Webinar

All your school’s training, mentoring and teacher support in one platform

Tuesday 12th July 2022 / 4 pm BST (GMT+1)

This free webinar, a collaboration between the Global School Alliance and Guide Education, will introduce school leaders to a seamless, interactive solution to professional development, that can be accessed anywhere at any time.

About Guide Education

Guide Education is a collective of highly experienced expert teachers, technologists and trainers, founded in 2016 by Leon Hady, former head teacher of an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ school.

Guide’s vision is to help individuals achieve their personal goals and career development aspirations through access to the highest quality training and development resources. In 2017, Guide developed their unique online learning platform to support teachers and trainee teachers to gain the qualifications that they desired by providing a truly flexible and innovative learning experience.

On any device, schools and colleges use the system to:

  • Record your screen and annotate as needed
  • Upload a PowerPoint and add audio
  • Share best practice and feedback
  • Invite teachers to share lessons sections for remote feedback

Create your own learning material alongside the content library to perfect context-based training in your school.

Guide’s 3000 expert, high-quality videos are split over 35 courses to give all your staff the broad support they need in any given stage of career development. 

The system covers all the core elements of training, plus:

  • True interactive questions that can also be tailored
  • Answer support and sharing for private groups
  • Multiple ways to demonstrate understanding
  • Custom content for different groups

Guide Education’s software prompts you to leave feedback within 72 hours. How much feedback you’ve left for each teacher you’re supporting will be tracked so you can allocate your time and prioritise with ease. 

All qualifications and professional awards are included in the library. Staff can work on them over any time period at no extra charge. When all assessment criteria are complete, your senior leadership team is satisfied they have met the objectives, then you pay a small accreditation fee, making it official.