What’s Exciting in Education?

Thursday 11th March 2021 / 4-6 pm GMT


Headteachers, Principals, Senior Leaders, Subject Specialists, Phase Leaders, Business Managers.

As part of our regular offering to members of the Global School Alliance, we have invited a wide range of specialists from leading EdTech companies to present to you what they think is currently exciting in education.

• Providing insights and expert analysis

• Providing ideas, signposting solutions and best practice.

• Connecting people who want to overcome the same challenges.

• Providing informative updates on the very latest EdTech developments.


Webinar Overview

1. James Blomfield: Head of Education TEP

Welcome and headlines from our recent virtual learning conference.

2. Oliver Knott

‘Distanced learning and Edtech in a post-Covid world.’

3. Tim Collins

‘How two decades of technology and a pandemic will change the school experience.’

4. Sven Huber

‘Getting kids to read through the power of technology.’

5. Will McNeil

‘Don’t be fooled by cloud washing. It’s not one-cloud-fits-all!

6. Mike Donnelly

‘Saving schools time & money using smarter recruitment.’

7. Questions & Answers

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Guest Speakers

James Blomfield

James is currently Head of Education with True Education Partnerships and the Global School Alliance. As a former teacher and headteacher, he is committed to innovation in education. He has visited international schools in Australia, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy and Romania.

His work on TEP’s ‘Learning Unleashed’ platform seeks to facilitate partnerships and connections between schools and educators around the world, promoting the UN sustainable development goals as well as the  World Economic Forum’s Education 4.0 framework.

Oliver Knott

International Interventions Advisor for International Dyslexia Learning Solutions.

I work to spread awareness of special educational needs and promote IDL’s award-winning Literacy and Numeracy interventions in the UK, USA, Australia and the Middle East.’

Tim Collins

Tim Collins is the Co-Founder and CEO of Education Technology Startup, EdUnity. Having started EdUnity whilst at school himself, Tim saw the challenges of implementing and using Education Technology in schools-first hand.

Today, those insights and a strong background in education technology have joined the inputs of over 100 educators to create a platform that helps schools deploy and manage their own apps successfully.

Sven Huber

Sven Huber is an international business leader, entrepreneur and founder. His company, Fiction Express, has developed an award-winning literacy resource designed to simultaneously improve all four levels of literacy skills: reading, grammar, speaking & listening, and writing.

Through his vision and leadership, Fiction Express has established a new category of literacy resources, called “Co-creative reading”, improving poor reading habits by getting children excited about reading through the power of a deeply engaging experience of co-creation between students and authors.

Will McNeil

Since graduating from the University of Bristol with a BSc in Chemistry, Will has spent his career within the EdTech industry working for providers throughout the UK.

Now Head of International Sales for WCBS, Will supports independent and international schools across the globe in their journey to true cloud information management. Will is excited to showcase the benefits of true cloud (or cloud-native) education technology, why cloud-native is so important for schools moving forward, and the cloud washing red flags to look out for when evaluating providers.

Mike Donnelly

Mike is CEO of Evolve Teachers education recruitment platform and app. His professional background is as an experienced Science teacher and school leader and a PGCE tutor. Evolve Teachers is an education recruitment platform and app that saves schools time and money.

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