Meoncross School are the latest to be awarded a Bronze Global School Award.

Global Mindedness Lead and EAL Coordinator Caroline Lopez has been a huge part of the driving force for internationalism, so we found out how the recent recognition and framework have informed the school’s development plan.

How did you introduce international aspects into your school?

Through regular assemblies, competitions, hosting a school from Madrid and planning a future exchange, our Wednesday afternoon ‘passport’ sessions include an International theme for half a term, we did a project learning about Japan this year, last year, we made videos about our school and lives for a school in Chile and they did the same via Flipgrid.

How does your school’s international work improve student engagement and motivation?

It provides a different viewpoint and with languages and with climate change they can see real people behind what they are learning.

How has the Global School Alliance benefited you as a teacher and the opportunities for your school? ​

It’s helped me as Global Mindedness Lead to write a development plan and help see further opportunities for improvement.

What impact has your Bronze School Award had on teacher and student motivation?

It shows what we are doing is being recognised and gives her motivation to do more to get Silver.

Aspects of the criteria have informed my development plan and given us a ‘road-map’ as a school.

Caroline LopezGlobal Mindedness Lead and EAL Coordinator

How will you use this award as a starting point to increase global awareness?

Aspects of the criteria have informed my development plan and given us a ‘road-map’ as a school. I would like to do an INSET on it and hope to use your resources. I would like to attend your webinars to help develop my role and encourage staff further.

What are your plans for continuing as an internationally-minded school?

Attend webinars – at least 2 a term to give me ideas. Increased student involvement in planning charity projects nationally and internationally. Developing connections with school in Brazil and in Asia via Cognita.

Are you an Award-Winning Global School?

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