GSA Global School Fair

Thursday 21st October 2021 / 4 – 6 pm BST

Come to the GSA Global School Fair on 21st October 2021.

Attention Headteachers, Principals, Business Managers, Senior Leaders, Subject Leaders and Class Teachers.

This is an ideal event to come and browse the latest EdTech and make potential savings of hundreds of pounds per school. You can ask questions and discover new innovative teaching resources for your school.

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REPerformance aims to provide the opportunity to excel in sport and life through fitness.

Guest Speaker: Callen McGibbon

Founder and CEO of REPerformance will be demonstrating how you can easily track physical activity and create individualized routines for your student using his all-in-one platform. Callen is a strength and conditioning coach of three Olympic gold medals and is passionate about creating healthy long term habits for everyone. The best thing about REP is that it is cloud based and empowers teachers to accurately evaluate their student’s abilities. In turn, students better understand their own performance with a workout structure designed to increase their confidence.

Previously Callen was Director of Healthy Living, a 360 degree Fitness and paramedical services company. In addition Callen has volunteer experience as a board member of the Health Kids Community Challenge, on the Planning and Advisory Committee in Canada, overseeing funding allocation. Callen is also a Head Coach of the Sudbury Special Olympics Power Lifting Club and Head Football coach for children’s teams in his spare time.

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ConquerComputing is the best way for young children to start their journey into Computing and Coding.

If you are a teacher who is a little anxious about your own computing skills, then you need not be at all concerned because ConquerComputing requires no prior knowledge whatsoever – it is designed for complete beginners.

An acclaimed product, it has been nominated for top awards in its category, most recently as the highest-ranked course for Computing in primary schools by TeachPrimary Awards 2021.

Guest Speakers: Aydin Önaç & Kamran Khokhar.

Aydin’s career in education spanned almost 40 years, including Headships of three large UK Secondary schools, several ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted inspections and an invitation to the Mayor of London’s Gala Event – London’s 1,000 Most Influential People.

Kamran Khokhar is an educationalist specialising in Maths and Computing, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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Mental UP provides scientific and gamified brain training and fitness exercises for 4-13-year-old children to improve their cognitive and physical skills. 

Our platform consists of more than 140 brain training exercises and 210 fitness exercises. MentalUP has been played by more than 10M children from 102 countries and has been used by a great number of schools all over the world.

Suitable for: Primary and Secondary

*OFFER 3 months + free premium access for schools taking part in our pilot. All delegates will receive 1-month premium access if they sign up.

Guest Speaker: Basar Kaya. Basar has been working in the educational technologies sector for 10 years and has quite deep knowledge about business development, project management, and B2B sales.

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This event has been designed for Headteachers, Principals, Business Managers, Senior Leaders, Subject Leaders as well as Class Teachers.

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