Introducing: The China Curriculum

China is a breathtaking place, full of rich culture, mouthwatering cuisine, and an expansive, fascinating history. From business to recreation, arts to academics, the country always has so much to offer and is undoubtedly a world leader in many areas.

Children are often drawn to China due to its colourful heritage and the chance to explore a completely different way of living to what they’re used to. As school trips to China may be quite a way off yet, what better way to allow students to explore China than from the comfort of their own home?

The GSA is pleased to introduce the China Curriculum – an all-in-one resource for teaching children about the wonders of this ancient land. Within, you’ll find all the information needed to enlighten students on all of the exciting things this country has to offer, as well as questions and activities throughout to engage and test learning.

Read on for a brief synopsis of what’s involved in each module, and download this free resource via the button below.

Module 1

China Facts

China’s population
Life in China
China’s rise & future
‘A Day in China’ activity sheet

Module 2

Discover China

China’s ancient history
Learn about Modern China
The wonders of China
‘Discovering China’ Activity Sheet

Module 3

China’s Geography

China’s diverse landscape
Discover the major bodies of water
Explore the diverse climate zones
Mapping Activity Sheet