Transforming Schools, Shaping Futures

Unlock the potential of your students for a brighter future

We believe that every child deserves access to the opportunities and experiences to become a well-rounded global citizen.

That’s why we’re proud to launch our latest campaign ‘Transforming Schools, Shaping Futures’, revolutionising how schools can build and develop global dimensions across the curriculum and ethos.

The Alliance invites schools to apply for the new cohort of 20 places on the Global School Transformation programme and access reimbursable funding to provide life-changing opportunities for students and staff to better understand, explore and experience the wider world.

Register your interest today to start your school’s global transformation journey.

How to get started

Embed international approach

If you’re looking for a whole-school approach, the Global School Transformation programme combines every element of developing globalisation, citizenship and cultural capital into an easy-to-follow, comprehensive whole-school programme. Enquire today about our reimbursable funding scheme.

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Establish international links

International partnerships and exchanges are undoubtedly the best way to develop well-rounded, global citizens and add a real meaning and purpose to learning. We can help you to establish a partner school relationship to meet your desired outcomes and targets.

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Become a Host School

We’re giving schools the opportunity to open their doors to international students and enrich the local community with new cultures and perspectives. Enquire today to register your school.

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Case Studies

Holme Grange School

Global and cultural awareness is moderate in the school and mainly limited to a small network of local contacts or learned knowledge. While students exhibit good awareness of diversity and the need to become a global citizen, many do not experience this as an immersive experience with other cultures. We believe that the opportunity to connect, communicate and co-operate with students in other cultures will enhance their global citizenship through lived experience.

Having the connections and a space to communicate through the GSA provides invaluable opportunities for engagement beyond what is already pursued. We are looking at destinations far outside where we would normally experience with our students and are confident that the experts from the GSA are perfectly suited to support with this.

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Handforth Grange Primary School

Working in relatively insular communities, we value the opportunity for whole schools to interact with people from another country. This is a life-changing opportunity to challenge stereotypes that some pupils may have, and to allow them to experience first-hand the reality of different cultures. These experiences will be fundamental for pupils themselves, but also for friends and family with whom they will share their experiences. Pupils will develop tolerance and respect, two attributes vital for a healthy modern community.

The programme has already begun on its impactful journey for our pupils. From KS1 and KS2, children have been taking part in meaningful projects to share with our partner schools in China and Spain. Through this project, we strive to ensure that we deliver a curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give all pupils, particularly disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.

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