The Global School Alliance and its members recently celebrated the outstanding SDG Competition entries with partner LeapEd Services.

Lord Rt Hon Jim Knight announced the award winners on 1 July during a live virtual awards ceremony and expressed his admiration for the children who demonstrated their

An entry by primary school student Mușet Daria Anamaria was a piece that particularly stood out to Lord Jim Knight. Mușet was consequently awarded a special prize from event sponsor Charanga for her breathtaking image.

The design was inspired by the climate change SDG – an hourglass with the world being choked and decoloured by time.

Lord Jim Knight added: “It’s a stunning idea. Beautifully executed. An image that has stayed with me all day since I saw it.”

If you are in the fortunate position of leading schools or teaching in schools - and you want to do more on this - don't wait for permission.

Lord Jim Knight shared the news of his upcoming debate at the awards ceremony.

‘I will be starting the debate on a new law that I am personally trying to get through our parliament to introduce sustainable citizenship into our curriculum for all of our schools.’

Lord Jim touched on the Global School Alliance SDG Competition he was asked to judge during the House of Commons debate.

‘Last month I was asked to judge an international school art competition. The winning picture was an extraordinary image from a primary pupil in Romania. It showed a planet in an hourglass being deserted as it passed through rich colourful beauty to becoming a grey lifeless place.’

He added: ‘Now has to be the time to show them that they can do something with their knowledge of climate change. It’s time for a curriculum that teaches the skills and mindset to make change work for them. We can use this bill my Lords to empower a generation – and evidence shows the very positive effects on mental health and learning as a result.’

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