August Edition: What’s Exciting in Education?

Thursday 12th August 2021 / 4 – 6 pm BST


Headteachers, Principals, Senior Leaders, Subject Specialists, Phase Leaders, Business Managers.

As part of our regular offering to members of the Global School Alliance, we have invited a wide range of specialists from leading EdTech companies to present to you what they think is currently exciting in education.

• Providing insights and expert analysis

• Providing ideas, signposting solutions and best practice.

• Connecting people who want to overcome the same challenges.

• Providing informative updates on the very latest EdTech developments.

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Guest Speakers

Kobus Louw

After completing his honours degree in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, Kobus pursued a career in credit risk, where he later became a specialist in credit risk modelling. With his modelling expertise and passion for education, mentorship and leadership development, he founded Digemy.com, an EdTech company that uses gamified adaptive learning to increase learning retention, decrease the time spent learning, and change human behaviour in a sustainable and scalable way.

Under Kobus’s leadership, Digemy.com has grown to one of the leading tech startups in Africa – winning an MTN Business app of the year award in 2018, crowned the 2nd best tech startup in Africa according to Africa Tech Week in 2019, and ranked as one of the top 50 EdTechs in Africa according to HolonIQ.

Kobus is extremely passionate about learning, Africa and its people, and has made it his life goal, purpose and conviction to change the world through scalable education.

Dr Ashley Morris PhD

Dr Ashley Morris PhD is the founder and Managing Director of www.product-change.com an educational technology startup that is addressing the need for new educational delivery methods to meet the growing need for technical skills development.

In particular systems engineering and modular design which can be used to empower students, of all ages, and help them develop their powers of personal investigation and critical analysis.

Previously Dr Morris has worked in the aerospace and information technology sectors and is passionate about motivating and encouraging students to take an interest in all matters engineering!

Margarita Belorukova

Margarita is a Vipassana meditator & Y Combinator alumni. She started her career in video games as Unity developer. Delivered 5 mobile titles and co-founded a company Unnyhog (invested in by Y Combinator).

Currently she is working as a business development manager at Luden.io. Luden.io is an educational game development company. They believe in a future where education is focused on helping people find true passion. One of their games is Learning Factory EDU – a game-based STEM course for mid schools. Backed by Games For Change.

Margarita is on a venture to help as many teachers & kids as possible by bringing Learning Factory EDU to schools.

Sethuraman T A

Sethuraman is currently the Co-Founder of an Ed-tech organization called Jungroo Learning with a vision to leverage technology to cater to the unique learning needs of each and every individual child.

Jungroo is an AI that locates the learner at a very micro level and creates the shortest path to mastery for the learner. Jungroo is a B2B SAAS enterprise.

Sethu is a Masters in computer science graduate. He was part of a Rotaract club in college days and spent most of his college time organizing events, volunteering, teaching at orphanages , helping special and underprivileged kids with their education

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