GSA Forum 2021

21/22 June 2021, 5-8 pm (UK)

Learning for the future

In a world that has changed and is constantly evolving … the future is today.

Over the last 15-18 months, schools worldwide have adapted globally to new ways of teaching including remote and hybrid schooling. Whilst we can now foresee the end of the pandemic, the challenge to adapt our education systems, as well as our ways of teaching and learning, to the needs of the 21st century remains.

We have learnt a lot but even bigger challenges lay ahead of us if we aspire to educate the next generation for the post-Industry 4.0 world they will be living and working in after finishing school.

The GSA Forum 2021 brings together the best minds and best practices to envision the future of schools. We combine keynote presentations with roundtables and interviews to address the major structural issues of the new educational paradigm.

  • Which skills and competencies do our students need to develop for the future?
  • How can we evaluate these skills objectively?
  • What teaching and learning methodologies do we have available to us to improve learning outcomes?
  • What type of teacher training is required to facilitate these changes.

The GSA Forum 2021 is being co-organised by ( and The Global School Alliance (

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