June Edition: What’s Exciting in Education?

Thursday 10th June 2021 / 4 – 6 pm BST


Headteachers, Principals, Senior Leaders, Subject Specialists, Phase Leaders, Business Managers.

As part of our regular offering to members of the Global School Alliance, we have invited a wide range of specialists from leading EdTech companies to present to you what they think is currently exciting in education.

• Providing insights and expert analysis

• Providing ideas, signposting solutions and best practice.

• Connecting people who want to overcome the same challenges.

• Providing informative updates on the very latest EdTech developments.

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Meet the Speakers

Dr Matt Silver, Pathways Education

Dr Matt Silver is the CEO of Pathways Education, building digital and physical training, hosting and funding social enterprise that carves pathways to autonomous opportunities for our young adults with additional needs to apply their unique strengths into equitable and sustainable roles of personal and social value.

Matt’s doctorate is based on context, motivation and engagement and how human principles and values are essential when framing outcomes with learners if we are to balance the system and unlock opportunities for sustainable change. He is a senior coach and an international speaker and consultant.

Kisset Flores Mangabat, School Guidance Associate

Kisset Flores Mangabat is a Guidance Associate of a private school in Santa Rosa, Laguna Philippines, Chair of Saint Peter School. A School Counsellor for more than 5 years, Kisset has seen the growth and development of the academe in the Philippines especially when changes were brought about by the implementation of the Kinder-Grade 12 Curriculum.

Nicky Browne, Mighty Oak

Nicky trained as a nurse in St Vincent’s Hospital Dublin, and as a teacher in St Mary’s Twickenham UK.

She believes that one of the best gifts we can give the next generation is to ensure that every child across the social divide can speak their mind with confidence, in a clear, articulate, engaging manner. This is the basis of Nicky’s Mighty Oak programme.

The Mighty Oak programme provides the teachers with the tools to give the pupils the ‘experience of’ and the ‘how to’ deliver their words in a clear manner.

Tony Mallett, Inspirationalleads

Tony Mallett is an OFSTED accredited ‘outstanding’ Leeds based teacher
with twenty five years’ experience and founder of Inspirationalleads.
Tony’s career has always focused on supporting young people struggling
with learning barriers to foster new mindsets transforming doubt into
confidence. Always at the forefront of Tony’s journey are four key
values; inspiration, education, creativity and personal growth. Tony’s
four key values drive his unique LEAD training approach.

Muhindo David, Bombo Trinity Primary School

Muhindo is the Academic and Professional Assistant Head of the School in Uganda. He has created stability and harmony at Bombo Trinity Primary School between major stakeholders of the school including the foundation body, Board of Governors, Parents Teachers Association, Teachers and Students. Muhindo has managed to instil a culture of emphasis among students and teachers.