GSA Global School Fair

Thursday 16th September 2021 / 4 – 6 pm BST

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Attention Headteachers, Principals, Business Managers, Senior Leaders, Subject Leaders and Class Teachers.

This is an ideal event to come and browse the latest EdTech and make potential savings of hundreds of pounds per school. You can ask questions and discover new innovative teaching resources for your school.

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Event Sponsors

ClassLink is a leading provider of cloud-based education products that connect educators and students with their classroom, curriculum, and each other.

Andrew Aitchison, ClassLink

Suitable for: Primary and Secondary

Guest Speaker Andrew Aitchison, Director of International Business Development (EMEA) for ClassLink and Based in the United Kingdom. Mr Aitchison has been in the global education industry for over 15 years in senior leadership roles and has conducted business in multiple countries. His areas of expertise are cross-cultural collaboration, educational outcomes & improvement as well as establishing strategic partnerships and key alliances in both the private and public sectors.

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Lior Zelering, Master Design Lab

Lior Zelering (BA, LLB, LLM)  is the founder of Masters Design Lab, an online design school that connects aspiring designers with award-winning design mentors. The schools aim to help people from around the world receive high-quality design education.

Lior has an extensive background in education. He started teaching design software and multimedia at universities at the age of 24, founded and managed a few design-related vocational schools. He wrote books and articles about UX and design. Aside from his career in education, he has also founded interactive companies and designed and developed educational software for visiting centers and museums.

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Arian Mirzarafie Ahi, A Level Biologist

Arian Mirzarafie Ahi is the founder of the A Level Biologist (TAB), a foremost resource for A level biology students in the UK and beyond. He is also host on on TAB Podcasts, which brings the most diverse set of experiences and people in life science.

Arian also sits on the Global Leadership Panel of Fight Cancer Global™ the global health information network platform. When he is not doing all of these things, Arian is a trainee teacher of science so understands teaching in the ‘front line’!

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This event has been designed for Headteachers, Principals, Business Managers, Senior Leaders, Subject Leaders as well as Class Teachers.

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